CAN-MD: A Configurable Approach to Machinery Diagnostics

Our design was conceived to serve two types of end users:

  1. Those who desire a "turn-key" solution (sensors pre-configured for your machine applications), ready to install and use.
  2. Those who want to integrate CAN-MD sensors into their own hardware design.

CAN-MD unites two engineering disciplines as never before - vibration sensor technology and digital signal processing (DSP).  As with any digital system a successful application of this product relies upon properly engineered software.  Therefore, close collaboration is needed between application developers and machinery diagnostic practitioners to arrive at optimal solutions for any given challenge.

For those users in option 1, creating a CAN-MD solution that provides the vibration health monitoring expected of today's rotating machinery requires thoughtful planning on what to monitor.  Determining the optimal solution of where to place the sensors varies differently depending on the machine being monitored.  Our experience with monitoring both manned/unmanned aviation and industrial assets allows us to support you throughout this process.  We can guide you through the process of:

  • Determining optimal sensor location.
  • Determining the sensor package with the best fit.
  • Configuring CAN-MD sensors for your machine application.
  • Customizing existing CAN-MD tablet software to fit your machine applications thus providing a turn-key solution.
  • Install design and documentation support.
  • Initial product testing and deployment along with initial/recurrent product training.
  • Data services option, providing system support and periodic monitoring packages to ensure optimum system and asset operation.

For users in option 2, we can provide much of the same guidance required in option 1 but customize our involvement to only "as needed" You also:

  • Own all intellectual property associated with the sensor configuration on the machine being monitored.
  • Maintain total control over how the sensor is setup and acquires data.  We can provide tools and support for you to setup and manage how the sensors are configured totally within your organization. 
  • For OEM applications we reserve a "Sandbox" area within the sensor processor to run your own specific algorithms that incorporates your custom diagnostics to the machine being monitored.

Our team is dedicated to working with you to develop a machinery diagnostic solution that fits your budget, projected vision and technical scope.